HANDS is a voluntary, intensive home visitation program designed to assist first time parents at critical development points during their child's first years of life.


When do HANDS services begin?

Services can begin during pregnancy or anytime before a child is 3 months old. If interested contact the local health department. HANDS is a service for families who are pregnant for the first time or who have newborn babies. Trained visitors will provide information so that you as parents can provide the best for your newborn baby. 

If you decide HANDS is for you and your baby, here is what you can expect.

  • Support through your pregnancy and the early years of your baby's life.
  • Ways to make your home safer for your baby.
  • Information on how to care for your baby.
  • Facts that will let you know your baby is growing and developing in healthy ways.
  • Activities that you and your baby can enjoy together.
  • Access to other community services.


HANDS believes.

All families want the best for their children. Families are responsible for their children. Families are the main decision-makers for their young children. Sign up soon! We encourage first-time parents to start with HANDS at the beginning of their pregnancy. Many new parents want a second pair of HANDS, A visitor will meet with you to describe services available through HANDS. The choice to be in the program is yours. And it is FREE to the family. HANDS offers support as you build a healthy, safe environment for your child.

What are the main goals of HANDS!

  • Positive pregnancy outcomes.
  • Optimal child growth and development.
  • Children live in healthy, safe homes.
  • Families make decisions that enhance long term independence over meeting short term or immediate needs.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or comments about the HANDS program.

Our phone number is (502) 633-1231 Spanish Contact is (502) 633-1231