Leaching Chamber System

The leaching chamber is the modern answer to the question, "I have limited space, what do I do now!" The chamber system allows for a nice reduction on the lateral lines from the standard system of rock. The leaching chambers range in size allowing for different design choices; the chambers come in sizes of 1', 2' and 3' wide. The chamber system can be place like the rock system allowing for equal flow and hillside distribution and long lateral lines. The chambers can be place side by side creating a chamber bed system that gives a greater reduction to the septic size. Although the chamber beds allow for the reduction in lateral size it can only be used on lots with less than a 5% slope for the system area. The chamber system only requires 6" of cover soil over the chambers and no barrier material (straw, hay, cloth lining) so it help reduce the cost of the system as well.


  • Uses less space than the rock system.
  • Reduction in cover soil needed for the system.
  • Easy to install.


  • Limited slope restrictions
  • Vehicle traffic over the chambers is prohibited to prevent soil compaction.