Mound System Information

A mound system is a soil absorption system that is elevated above the natural soil surface in suitable / unsuitable soil conditions. The main components of the mound system are the septic tank or pre-treatment unit, the dosing tank or pump tank and the elevated mound system. The mound system works like this, the effluent passes from the home to the septic tank where it receives pre-treatment and goes through a filter to the pump tank. Once the pump tank is at the appropriate level the pump will turn on and pump the effluent out to the mound system. The mound system is a series of pipes with small holes in them allowing the effluent to spread around the entire mound a one time, this allows for faster evaporation and cleaning of the effluent.


  • The mound may be used in high ground water table areas, bedrock, high clay soils and high pan restrictions.
  • Very space efficient compared to other septic systems.
  • Can be used in most climates.
  • Almost an underground system. (Can be hidden from view)
  • Relatively low maintenance.


  • Cost, Higher cost than other systems.
  • Requires a pump tank and pump added to the system.
  • Regular inspection of the pumps and controls is necessary.
  • System may be difficult to design.