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    Environmental Services for the North Central District Health Department has been a driving force in the community to increase the health and well-being of this district. Our services include: septic systems, food services, rabies control, emergency preparedness and many other services. Please see our list of services below and click headings for more information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us - we love answering questions!

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Establishment Inspections

Food Service

The Health Department regularly inspects food service establishments, including bars, restaurants, etc. Inspections are typically done twice per year.

Inspectors look for various potential items of violation, including:

• Is food being stored properly?

• Do workers handle food safely?

• Do workers practice good hygiene, like washing hands?

• Is food kept at safe temperatures?

• Is equipment in good working order?

• Is the establishment free of any pests, such as insects or rodents?

The North Central District Health Department no longer uses the letter grades for its public reporting system. Each business is required to post inspection report outlining the results of its most recent inspection. This report must be posted prominently in plain view of all customers so the public will be better informed.

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