North Central District Health Department
North Central District Health Department
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Communicable Disease

Preventing and controlling the spread of disease is an important concern to the North Central District Health Department. From various forms of Influenza to outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis A - these events can have a huge impact on health.

Vaccinations have helped eliminate or greatly reduce disease threats. Children and adults should stay up to date with their recommended immunizations. Proper hand washing, especially before and after handling food and using the bathroom, also helps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Other important methods of prevention include: ensuring food we eat and water we drink is safe, avoiding sick people and practicing safe sex.

To protect you from Communicable Diseases, your local Health Department offers:        • Vaccines        • TB Testing        • STI Testing        • Flu Shots

Contact your local Health Department listed below for more information or to make an appointment, if necessary.