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​Updated COVID-19 Guidance

The guidance for shortened isolation or quarantine is intended for the general population and should not apply to high risk/congregate setting or healthcare workers. Please select one of the following links for specific guidance in these settings. Otherwise, please follow the General Population guidance below.

Healthcare Workers

Guides to manage Healthcare Workers who have tested positive for COVID-19, and strategies to mitigate staffing shortages.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care COVID-19 resources, and guidance for managing staff and mitigating staffing shortages.

Early Care

Guidance for K-12 and early childhood center operations. Guidance for "Test to Stay"  modifications to quarantine and more.

General Population

Quarantine and isolation information, COVID in the workplace guidelines and what to do if you test positive.

North Central District COVID-19 Information

Due to a large number of older COVID-19 laboratory reports received for both Henry and Shelby County reported by one healthcare facility, the 7-day cumulative COVID-19 incidence rates do not accurately reflect the current rate in those communities. 

Because of this error, the CDC Community Level Map and the Incidence Rate map will show a large increase in Henry and Shelby counties, moving the counties from the Green, low, level to the Yellow, medium, level. The NCDHD’s COVID-19 report this week will also show a larger increase due to the addition of these older cases.

Typically, older case reports are appropriately processed and not counted in the weekly summary, however key information was missing, and these cases were not identified before the information was sent to the CDC or before the North Central District report was processed.

Staff from the North Central District and the Kentucky Department of Public Health are working to update this information to ensure it will be corrected on the state’s Community Level map Monday and changed next week. 

See the breakdown by county here.

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The CDC has recently updated these guidelines to reflect the addition of those 12 years of age or older to receive a booster. The new CDC guidelines also state that fully vaccinated people can receive mRNA boosters from Moderna or Pfizer 5 months after their second vaccine dose.

​General Population

​School/Early Care Guidance

​Healthcare Worker Guidance

​Long Term Care Guidance

COVID-19 Data Updates
COVID-19 State Information
COVID-19 Testing Information
COVID-19 Vaccine Information